Daniel Haugh

Certified Home Inspector, MDH Licensed Radon Measurement Provider #RMEA 00554

Daniel is an incredible asset to our team! He grew up in southern Minnesota and has enjoyed working in and around homes his whole life. He began his career working in the family-owned businesses of window manufacturing, commercial construction, and solar installation. 

He went on to pursue degrees in music education and music production and worked as a music director in the cruise-line industry for several years before returning to MN where he spent three years working in the plumbing and sewer industry. Daniel is a NACHI certified home inspector and moisture intrusion inspector, and licensed radon measurement provider. 

In 2015, Daniel bought his first home in St. Paul and enjoys taking care of it.

In addition to home inspecting, Daniel works part-time as a handyman and also teaches private music lessons. He enjoys good coffee, good coffee shops, good films, and interesting conversations.