We do residential home inspections which include brand new house inspections, pre-sale home inspections, buyer home inspections and 1-year warranty inspections. Know what you are buying and selling to maximize your profits!

So youre are ready to buy a new house?

I've often had clients ask why would I need an inspection on a new home??  You'd be surprised, although licensed professionals are used and city permits issued along the way, things can be missed and done incorrectly.

Getting ready to sell a house or rent a house?

Pre-sale home inspections are great for people looking to sell their homes.  By having an inspection done prior to listing your home, you can choose to correct things, gather estimates to use in negotiations and in most cases save money and fix things that might keep a deal from falling apart, ultimately getting your house sold quickly.

Buying a house?

Buyer home inspections are always important to know what you are getting yourself into and great for negotiations.  A home inspection is also a great tool for future planning, especially when purchasing an older home in need of upgrades. A detailed home inspection will provide you, the buyer with a "life expectancy" for certain items such as roofs, furnaces and appliances.

Getting close to your new house one year warranty expiring?

1-year warranty inspections are important for safety, locating potential problems or uncovering problems which might have been missed or overlooked when the house was being built. It also gives you a chance for the builder to correct these items without having to come out of pocket to repair/replace these items yourself down the road.