Gabe Fitzpatrick

TREC#21417, EDI# TX-180, TDA#774342

Gabe Fitzpatrick TREC#21417 TDA#774342

Gabe has been a licensed professional inspector since 2015 and has been performing inspections since. He grew up in Colorado, moved to Houston about 6 years ago and has remodeled multiple homes, both in Houston and Colorado. In addition, he is a licensed termite applicator and an intrical part of our Hedderman Pest Control and our Hedderman Stucco team. He is married with two daughters and three dogs and enjoys spending time with his family, watching football and working on projects around the house. Having owned several Jeeps throughout his life, he has also developed a love for them. His current Jeep is a 1974 Jeep CJ-5, which he enjoys driving on the weekends.