David Bates


Meet David Bates, a Master Electrician and a seasoned expert in the building trades, serving as a licensed Home Inspector in the Province of Alberta (License #35111). Beyond his meticulous eye for detail and commitment to quality control, David leads a dynamic life where his passion for family, animals, and technology comes to the forefront.

Residing on an acreage keeps David constantly engaged in various tasks, as there’s always something to fix or improve. Alongside his dedicated work, David is a family man with five kids, his dog, Koopa, and two cats, creating a lively and bustling home environment. He has raised chickens and harbours aspirations to start raising sheep, showcasing his love for sustainable and hands-on living.

In addition to his affinity for the outdoors, David, being a Master Electrician, has a keen interest in all things tech, demonstrating a balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. His personal motto, "There’s always a better way," encapsulates his mindset—always seeking improvements and advancements in both his professional and personal life.

Trust David Bates to conduct thorough home inspections and bring a wealth of experiences and a forward-thinking approach shaped by his diverse interests and commitment to continuous improvement.