Mitch Waldon


Meet Mitch Waldon, the perfect candidate for all your home inspection needs as a Certified Canadian Home Inspector (CCHI) with a license from the Province of Alberta (License #337619). With over a decade of experience as a construction and renovation master, he’s seen the triumphs and the tragedies of building systems and construction. Mitch is also a journeyman-trained landscaper, showcasing his artistic touch with greenery, and a journeyman welder, displaying his prowess as a metal-melding pro.

Beyond his professional expertise, Mitch leads a vibrant life filled with diverse hobbies. An avid singer, he actively participates in choirs and barbershop quartets, harmonizing his love for music with his busy schedule. Mitch also finds joy in the craftsmanship of brewing beer and the artistry of blacksmithing. You might catch him kayaking or engaging in almost any other outdoor activity on weekends, showcasing his passion for adventure and the great outdoors.

Mitch Waldon’s blend of construction mastery and a rich tapestry of hobbies makes him a reliable home inspector and a person of varied interests, adding a unique and dynamic touch to every facet of his life.