Aaron Clark is a InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector.  As a long time Arizona resident (five years short of native), Aaron loves the valley of the sun.  In his late teens, Aaron enlisted in the United States Army and spent four years serving his country.  After his Honorable Discharge, Aaron attended DeVry Institute of Technology where he earned an AAS-ET (Associate of Applied Science in Electronic Technology).  Aaron worked in the commercial and residential food equipment industry where he achieved the rank of Master Certified Service Technician with CFESA (Commercial Food Equipment Service Association).  He earned certifications in Electrical, Steam, Gas, and Refrigeration systems. Aaron had spent over twenty years repairing equipment before putting on his home inspection hat.  He looks forward to leveraging his combined experience, technical abilities and his comprehensive understanding of the home as a system of interconnected parts to give you the best home inspection you can buy.