Welcome to The Home Inspection part of your future purchase of your potentially new home.  Its my job to through the  home to inspect thoroughly, sharing this information with pictures, then explaining what is wrong with certain parts of the house i am inspecting.  I will share this information because I know how important it is to get all the information to you fast and efficiently so you can move forward with your future home.  

why did I choose this field? I started because I had a chance to start renevotation on my first house, realizing I enjoy the process, I have accomplished doing a kitchen that was disgusting a turn it into something that is beautiful, I did this with all of the rooms, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms.  Learning as i go Along you understand what it takes to build the house or the apt.  i know what it is behind what is there so i can see if its working properly or not at the time of inspection.  I have a critical nature so i am able to see things that are out of place, this is important because you want to see these items and have them listed on the report so you can be aware of what you are buying.  I like to take pride in my job so once i go through the job i will stop at the end and think through to see if I miss anything before I leave the House, apt, condo, I will not rush through the Job, I will listen to Your Questions and answer them, if i do not have the answer right away, because i do not know it at the time, i will find an answer then share that information with you.

In the past I had $500 turned it into $5,000,000 a year business with over 70 employees, it was the customer who asked for things that were important to them, they shared it with employees, as well as myself, we then gave them what they would like, we made sure we gave them the best customer service as well as value for the money they spent with us, the business was built with word of mouth, we realize that being good to customers is what builds trust, with that they refer there friends, and family.