With almost 20 years of real estate, construction, and building code experience, Ugly Duckling Inspections is here to help give you the most accurate information about your property.


Our Company is rooted in deep values such as:

Mission for Excellence: We demand more of ourselves than our clients. A confident pursuit of the highest quality.

Building Long Term Relationships: We are loyal to our clients, ensuring their needs are met first, and we are there for them every step of the way.

Trust: We will be people and a company that is trusted in the marketplace – one that stands for integrity and sets a standard for it, inspiring others to be always truthful and fair as principles held higher than profit and traditional business goals.

Charity: When you do good things for other people, things that often they cannot do for themselves, then other people do good things for you. No matter how you name it or explain it, goodness creates goodwill and it is contagious.

Purpose:  to devote yourself to becoming really good at it, you have to believe that there is a quality to it, that this thing you are doing is worth all the effort it takes to get it right, something about it fascinates you, and you love it in a way that relentlessly seeks creativity and excellence.

Based centrally in Salem, we are dedicated to helping you with your property. We don’t work 9-5 but start to finish to help you achieve your goal.