Welcome to The Inspection Company, northeast Ohio's hottest inspection company. Founded by two passionate firefighters turned inspectors, our mission is to ensure the safety and functionality of every home we inspect. We bring our unwavering commitment to service into every evaluation, leveraging our expertise to prioritize safety above all else.

Our inspections go beyond the standard, offering complimentary thermal imaging to assist in detecting hidden issues and provide a comprehensive written report of your property. At the heart of our service is a focus on functionality, striving to equip our clients with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision for the perfect start to turn your new house in to a home.

With a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication, we believe in building relationships with the clients and agents that extend beyond the inspection. We're  dedicated to fostering a "client for life" approach, always ready to assist and provide ongoing support throughout your homeownership journey. Trust The Inspection Company for a thorough, firefighter-inspired inspection that places safety and peace of mind at the forefront.