Jo New
InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector, IL License #450012983

My love for observing homes began by laughing uncontrollably at the home renovation fails in handymen magazines. While I was working as a letter carrier I watched the homes in my neighborhood change gradually. I found it interesting to see how time affected these properties either with improvements or slow deterioration. I enjoy fixing and working on my own home to make it better and I am constantly learning new skills to achieve my vision. This has given me first hand knowledge about how homes are constructed. I know how important home ownership is and how challenging it can be. I strive to share my findings so you feel informed while making big home decisions.

As a certified licensed home inspector I approach every new home as if it is a puzzle waiting to be solved. Each home is it’s own unique challenge and I take pride in my attention to detail and curious mind. Whether I am walking the roof or on my hands and knees in a crawlspace, everyday feels like I am uncovering a new world. Another house to explore, another puzzle to solve. My goal as an inspector is not only to evaluate and inspect your new home, but to also ensure that you, the buyer, are comfortable and confident in your purchase.