Educational, efficient, and 

enjoyable home inspections!  

We offer services to fit your home buying needs in this competitive market. When you find a home you’d like to learn more about, we’ll be there to thoughtfully examine the property and empower you with objective knowledge about the home.

 Home Buyers
We believe that home inspections should make you feel educated, empowered, and excited. We don’t use unnecessary technical language and we don’t preach; we communicate clearly and constructively and with complete transparency to objectively inform your purchase decision.

From capes to condos, new builds to 200 year-old houses, we have inspected over 1000 homes in Massachusetts and have a deep understanding of the homes in this area. We also understand that a referral from an agent is a reflection of their business, which we value greatly. We are professional, friendly, and efficient.
We bring light and lightness to an experience that is often clouded by fear and anxiety. We will work together to clear up any uncertainty and unknowns and we will have some fun along the way to celebrate this important journey. Our reports are clear, concise, and complete, and will truly prepare you.
We approach our partnership as a collaboration with a shared goal of supporting our client in buying a home. We are transparent and communicate openly, and we don’t overstep. We work together to ensure both you and the client get a full picture of the property to inform the offer.

We recognize that there can be many moving parts and people to coordinate when purchasing a home. We also recognize that your other responsibilities in life don’t just go away when you are immersed in this process. So, we work hard to make your home inspection as easy and convenient as possible from beginning to end.

Every home has its quirks and it's our responsibility to identify them and provide the appropriate context to help home buyers distinguish serious problems from those that are to be expected. We are rigorous and responsible with our commentary.