Beginning at less than 10 years of age Keith developed a love of home maintenance and repairs helping his family with their rental business.  Over more than 30 years he helped rehabilitate and  perform repairs and maintenance on more than a dozen older rental homes.   Each new rental property had to have the defective portions removed, repaired or replaced. Plumbing, Electrical, Framing, Flooring, Roofing, HVAC, He has seen and done it all. Keith's prior professional experience includes Alarm system, Home Network, Home Theater, and Satellite TV installations as well as performing Quality Control Inspections in these areas.  Keith also holds multiple PC and Networking related certifications and has a deep personal interest in emerging technologies.

The goal of Inspectech is to utilize the latest technologies to assist in performing the most thorough home inspection possible. While many home inspectors are still running around with a clipboard and a flashlight, Inspectech uses combustible gas and carbon monoxide detectors, moisture meters, GFCI and AFCI testers, infrared thermometers, Infrared cameras as well as dozens of other low tech specialty tools to find things others will miss.  We back all this up with InterNACHI's buy your home guarantee.