Purchasing a home is a big investment!  Homewrx Inspections is here to equip you with information about the home you are buying.  You don't want you to be caught off guard by surprises after it's too late... that's why our inspections are thorough, our reports are to the point, and you get your inspection report the day of the inspection!

Dan Wolf is an experienced home inspector with an extensive background in housing related industries.  He is friendly, professional, timely and good at what he does!  He enjoys being a helpful part of your home buying process!

Besides home inspecting, Dan and his family enjoy many things in our local Sheboygan area community. Involvement and hobbies include: church, running, kayaking, camping, dirt biking, snowmobiling, golf, disc golf, traxxas cars, cryptocurrency, and going to the races!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!