Marlon T. Smith is a dedicated and highly experienced professional in the field of real estate inspection. As the owner of MTS Inspection Services DBA, Marlon brings a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence to every inspection.

With a background in military service, Marlon understands the importance of precision and attention to detail. He has channeled this discipline into his career as a Professional Real Estate Inspector, ensuring that each inspection is conducted thoroughly and accurately.

Marlon's passion for helping others shines through in his work. He takes pride in providing homebuyers and realtors with the crucial information they need to make informed decisions. Marlon believes that a well-informed client is a confident homeowner, and he is dedicated to offering clarity and peace of mind through his inspections.

One of Marlon's key goals is to support fellow veterans and first responders. That's why MTS Inspection Services offers special discounts for military veterans and first responders, as well as a Realtor Loyalty Discount to benefit high-volume realtors and their clients.

Marlon's commitment to excellence, dedication to the community, and passion for serving others make him a trusted partner in the real estate industry. When you choose Marlon T. Smith and MTS Inspection Services, you're not just getting an inspection – you're gaining a partner in your journey toward confident homeownership.

Contact Marlon today to experience the difference of working with a true professional in the field of real estate inspection. Your peace of mind is his top priority.