Jason’s inquisitiveness, interest in meeting new people, and focused work ethic led him to home inspection. His view is that the home is one of the most important aspects to human life, and it’s an honor to provide home buyers with his services. His varied background and exceptional attention to detail are an asset to buyers seeking a thorough inspection. He’s inspected a wide variety of homes throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, and especially Philadelphia. He’s often looking to expand his awareness pertaining to building science and is eager to share knowledge with people who want to learn more about their homes.

Some of his earlier professions include carpentry, industrial floor installation for high-profile clients, including NASA and the Houston Astros and owners of sensitive facilities, such as aircraft hangars, laboratories, and factories throughout the U.S. He lived in New York City for nine years where he was involved with installing high-end window treatments in multi-million dollar residences; providing tech support and research assistance; authoring a UNESCO report (pdf) about the governance of water; and collaborating with Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream fame on a mobile media project.

He left NYC with his wife and taught English to children and adults in China and Taiwan for two years. After living in six states and traveling to ten countries, Jason has settled in South Philadelphia with his wife and (as of July 2019) baby son. He has worked with two home inspection companies in Philadelphia during that time.
Traveling, health and learning/discovery are his passions (a committed life-long learner).

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