Kyle Niewald
IL Lic.# 450.012762 and 451.001453. InterNACHI Certified Inspector #22011434

I am a licensed and certified home inspector based out of Oak Park, IL and serving the greater Chicago area. I’d like to tell you about how I distinguish myself as an inspector, as well as what I offer to my referring agents.

Why Home Inspection? I have always loved puzzles and games. Exploring and digging into home systems and maintenance is similar to connecting the pieces of a puzzle. They both lead to great reveals. Being able to connect with people about their home brings me joy, but the ultimate goal for my clients is, with my support, to gain more confidence in their purchase.

I believe in treating everyone with respect. This includes respect for their time, background, and preference. I don’t know someone’s motivation for buying or selling a home, how much they know about home ownership, or their lifestyle preferences. No matter if this is their first time purchasing, or they have owned a home for 80+ years, I will treat everyone with the same level of care and respect.

I believe the report should be a summary of our conversation. Too often, I hear about how clients are biting their nails waiting for “the report.” Nothing discovered in the home inspection should be found as surprise in the report. Clients discovering items in the report leads to panic and undue stress. I fully welcome buyers and sellers to the inspection in order to ask questions and see what I see. I can explain, in person, the severity of a defect much better than a 50 page list of items in a report.

I believe in honesty. I am not here to provide an opinion the purchase, be an alarmist, or a deal killer. I am simply an informational resource. In an ideal world, all my inspections would only highlight future preventative maintenance, and not serious defects. However, in the real world, when those serious defects are noted, I’m not looking to add drama to an already emotion filled experience. I’m an advocate of inspectors staying within our Standards of Practice and not being over-zealous or over-reaching.