Thomas Fint served 6 years as an aviation rescue swimmer and crew chief in the U.S. Navy.  After an honorable discharge, he returned to his home state of Kentucky to attend Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).  He received a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, where he graduated with honors. 

During his time in the Navy, Thomas became familiar with performing inspections.  Prior to each takeoff, an extensive preflight inspection was performed on the helicopter.  These inspections required meticulous attention to detail to ensure system readiness and the safety of all crew members on board. His proud service as a Naval Aviator played a key role in choosing the company name, Gold Wings Property Inspections, LLC.

Thomas’ love of learning and understanding, for all aspects of construction, lead him to pursue a career in property inspections. As a husband and father, himself, Thomas understands that buying and selling a home is one of the biggest decisions people will make in their lives and for their family. With that in mind, he wants to ensure that his clients are aware of any major safety hazards that are present so that they will feel more comfortable and satisfied with their new home.

Along with an extensive report and high-quality service, clients will be given an annual maintenance checklist that will allow them to keep their home well maintained, to prolong its life expectancy.

 Not only does Thomas enjoy learning, but he enjoys teaching and educating. He highly encourages his clients to be present at the time of the inspection.  This not only allows clients to see the conditions of the home, but also learn a great deal about the components of a house.  This will allow them to have a basic understanding of how the components work together to create a safe and working system, making their house a HOME.