Guarantee Absolute Peace of Mind.

Why we started CPRNZ & Why we are all so passionate about providing the best reports and service.

Far too many "building Inspectors" are taking advantage of their customers by putting more time into legally covering themselves with cleverly written wording, instead of putting more time into completing the task we are hired to do. We started this business because many years ago I received two reports from two different Inspectors. One was four pages of nonsense, and the other was from a well respected building inspector who showed me how a building inspection and report is supposed to be done. I was absolutely disgusted by snake oil selling ways of these lazy ex-builders that take advantage of our family and friends. 

We are in this business to provide true peace of mind for our customers, to be better than everyone else and thus, change how property inspections and reports are done. 


 More Than Just a Builders Report. 

A Truly "Comprehensive" Property Report.

Travis Mackay 


Trade Qualified Building Inspector. Structural Engineer. Master Carpenter. 25+ Years Industry Experience.