Let me be the first to congratulate you on the upcoming purchase of your home.  This is one the most important financial decisions you can make, and more importantly it is your home.   This is the place where you can grow a family, feel safe and relax.   I started Veteran Inspection LLC to ensure that you will rest easy with your purchase and understand what you are getting into.  We service the Fort Polk area and surrounding parishes.

     My name is Robert Ogden and I am a Christian 1st and family man second. My wife,  Destiny, and I have 3 wonderful kids, Layla(9), Patrick(5) and Wyatt(1).  Throughout my life I strive to help others from being an Eagle Scout to being an  Engineer Officer in the United States Army.  As an Engineer Officer I was trained to be very detail oriented, and I utilize that skill to inspect your home.   

      I want you to have all the information you need for this important decision.  I look at every home as it was my own for my family and will always be honest on my inspection, this is my promise to you.  


Robert Ogden

Veteran Inspection LLC