Drew Thacker
TREC 22133 - CCPIA-000642 - Level II Infrared Certification

Step into the realm of peace of mind and security with our seasoned expertise in home inspections, a legacy we've built since 2009. With over 5,100 home inspections and 1,750 commercial inspections under our belt, we've honed our craft to safeguard your sanctuaries. Meet Drew, our resident engineer whose knack for simplifying complex findings ensures you're always in the know.

Beyond just identifying flaws, damages, and safety concerns, we're here to empower you. We shed light on how most issues can be swiftly rectified, guaranteeing a haven of safety for you and your loved ones.

Experience unparalleled precision with our cutting-edge thermal imaging technology. From top-tier leak detection to uncovering hidden moisture and mapping out septic field drainage patterns, we provide nothing short of excellence in safeguarding your property