Lenny Pinnix

VA License # 3380001025 w/ NRS Expires 7/31/2025, MD License # 33408 Expires 12/19/2024, Certified Master Inspector, InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector, WDO Certified

General Manager

VA License # 3380001025 w/ NRS Expires 7/31/2025

MD License # 33408 Expires 12/19/2024

Certified Master Inspector

InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector

AHIT Certified Home Inspector (MD and WV)

NRS Certified

WDO Certified

InterNACHI COVID-19 Safety Certified

Certified New Construction Inspector

Advanced Stucco and EIFS Certified

Indoor Air Quality Certified

Certified Mold Inspector

Foundation and Piers Certified

Certified Pool and Spa Inspector

Private Drinking Wells Certified

Infrared Certified

Certified Chimney Inspector

Certified Deck Inspector

Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector

Certified 11 Month Warranty inspector

Certified Crawlspace inspector

Certified Garage inspector

Certified Plumbing Inspector

Certified Safe Workplace Inspector