I Will Not Be An Alarmist
A home inspector can create a scary report for a prospective buyer. I make sure my reports stick to the TREC standards of practice while not making mountains out of mole hills. Small items can easily be repaired without needing to make them seem larger than they really are.

I Will Explain What I See
Sometimes major defects can seem horrifying. But at the end of the day everything is fixable. I explain the defects as throughly as possible while helping my client come up with options for remediation.

I Report On The Good Stuff Too
Many home inspectors focus solely on the faults of a home. Here at Structure Guardians we believe in reporting on the good parts of a home too. What's the point in just pointing out the bad if we ignore all the good things in a home.

Your Time Is Valuable
No one wants to waste time waiting. That's why I carry a Supra Key so you don't have to take time out of your busy day to grant access to properties. We also try to give updates during the inspection so you know when to expect it to be over if you wish to attend the summary.

Same Day Guarantee
A delayed inspection report can ruin a deal, and frankly there's no reason to delay it. Our extensive training and software includes the ability to deliver a report on the spot after completing the inspection in most cases. If completing the report onsite isn't possible we guarantee that you will receive that report same day, within 24 hours. If for any reason we can't get your report to you within 24 hours we will refund your client $100.