Red Rocks Certified Property Inspection LLC was founded in 2016 by Cy Cushenberry, the former Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Manitou Springs. Cy has been a real estate investor, builder, remodeler, and inspector for over 30 years. Our mission at Red Rocks is to help buyers, sellers, investors, and REALTORS® move through the property inspection process as thoroughly and safely as possible while offering premium services. 

Red Rocks Certified Property Inspection LLC was created to offer full-service inspections to buyers, sellers and REALTORS® needing multiple types of inspections with one phone call to eliminate the need to contact several different inspection service companies. 

Our comprehensive property inspections include interiors, exteriors, kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, bedroom spaces, basements, crawlspaces, and attached garages. We follow a comprehensive Residential Standards of Practice. We inspect all of the following when visible and accessible:

Roofs, roof systems, flashings, chimneys, fireplaces, structural components, exterior cladding, foundation, site drainage, landscape limitations or detriments, natural gas systems, oil systems, and propane systems. We look at outdoor decks, patios and porches. We check the attic for ventilation and proper insulation. Attached garages are observed for defects. We will also inspect crawlspaces and basements.

We closely observe electrical systems, plumbing systems, and HVAC system or systems. We will observe built-in appliances, ceilings, floors, walls, windows and doors.

To give our clients a well rounded inspection we also offer the most advanced radon detection inspection using the latest scientific equipment, infrared camera assistance, mold testing using state-of-the-art equipment and sewer camera scope videos. 

After our inspection and evaluation of a property's components, we compile the information into an easy-to-read electronic report like this one. If there is any term you don't understand in this report, please visit our website at go to More- go to Convenient Glossary Terms and type in the term you are unfamiliar with to learn the meaning. 

We also pay for and enter your home in a program for you to receive a FREE 120 Day limited warranty. You can see the details by visiting Limited Warranty on the web. We also have enrolled this home in InterNachi's® Buy Back Program which is FREE after all Red Rock's Certified Property Inspection LLC's inspections. You may visit and learn about the details at Buy Back Program.

Thank you for choosing Red Rocks Certified Property Inspection LLC! It was an honor serving you.