Buying a home? Feeling excited, nervous, sometimes unsure?  Well "WHOOO's" (owl pun) looking out for you? 

Spec Owl of course! The inspection process doesn't have to be a mystery, or a bore . After taking a thorough look through your home we'll sit and chat in terms YOU understand so you can walk away with confidence. Don't just "get a inspection". With Spec Owl you get Free: 

-Advanced Detection (Using instruments that go beyond the standards of practice)*

- Included Thermal Imaging for a more in depth look *

-FREE Home Owner's Maintenance Book (Your car has one, why shouldn't your home?)

-Post Inspection Care (Our relationship with you extends beyond the inspection! Text or call for any follow up questions or concerns. Need help finding a plumber, roofer, electrician, etc. We'll search for you!)