Mike Simmons
NACHI CERTIFIED PROPERTY INSPECTOR and Licensed Michigan Residential Builder

I'm a former Automotive Executive and Real Estate investor. I've been a licensed Residential Builder for over 20 years. My 50+ real estate investments taught me the importance of a good property inspection. I've done inspections for my properties and friends for 20 years. I'm now a NACHI Certified Property Inspector. I provide a realistic view of a properties condition. If there is a problem, I provide names of people who can quickly correct the problem.

I take time to educate my clients and realtors on good and bad aspects of each property. 

I offer FREE Radon testing with each inspection.

I give a FREE 93 page book on home maintenance with each inspection.

I use the latest inspection technologies including arial drone photos and videos and infrared thermal imaging.

I'm VERY thorough.

Let me help you.