Tim Hendren

Residential & Commercial Inspector, Radon Measurement Professional, Radon Mitigation Professional, Mold Inspector, Water Quality Professional

Through home restoration, home renovation, and home repair, I've learned firsthand that something you don't spot on the surface at the time of home purchase can lead to problems that are costly in both time and money down the road. We've gutted kitchens and bathrooms, snaked our way through attics and crawlspaces, and cleaned our fair share of messes to make those homes livable. Ultimately making it profitable for them and their families. That led me to do the work and research to get certified as a licensed home inspector in Kentucky, and I'm now looking to help families across Louisville and in surrounding communities.  

Whether you're buying a house for the first time or looking to move into your dream home ahead of retirement, I will do everything I can to make sure your investment is everything you expect and you are aware of any issues that need to be addressed immediately or down the road. To show my respect to those who serve our community, I offer a 10% discount to all public service workers, emergency responders, active and reserve military, and teachers. Thank you for considering me to inspect your home for you and your family.