Charles Britton
Certified Inspector from HomeSpection Training Institute Canton OH

For most people, if you mention a "PI" to them, they'll probably think of a "Private Investigator" from a 1970's TV series...Lt. Columbo of the LA police Homicide division (with his rumpled trench coat and ever-present cigar), or Thomas Magnum P.I., a private detective flying around Hawaii in helicopters or in his hot red Ferrari belinetta 308 GTB, chasing villains and solving murders.  You might even think of the famous literary character Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or the more contemporary character Travis McGee  created by novelist John D. McDonald.

In the 21st Century if you're using a PI, it's more likely a Property Inspector who is assisting you with the purchase of a new home.  A professional inspector who will examine all the physical aspects of the home and evaluate it's condition, commenting on various defects that will affect the value (and purchase price!) of the home.

I grew up with the residential construction business in my family.  After serving in the Korean War with the "Seabees" (military construction battalions) my father returned home to Ohio and founded Britton Construction Co., working as a General Contractor building custom homes around the Hudson, Ohio area in the 1960's-70's & 80's, which gave me a lot of natural familiarity with best practices in the residential construction industry. 

Later on in my adult life I have worked as a Real Estate agent representing the RE/MAX brand.  While working as a realtor, I successfully completed Certification Programs, as a "Certified New Home Specialist" and the "Residential Construction Certification" from Dennis Walsh and Associates of Newport Beach CA, both programs being focused on the specifics of home construction and adherence to standards of practice.  

I turned to the Home Inspection Industry when I realized that most of all I enjoyed working with homebuyers, helping them with the process of investigation and diagnosis of properties during the purchase process.

Throughout my life I have also owned multiple residences that required me to make updates and repairs, which helped me to develop a critical eye for evaluating the strengths and defects of a piece of real estate property. I believe the combination of all these life experiences gives me an exceptional ability to help home buying consumers who may not be as familiar with the intricacies of a residential home structure.

 In my personal life I am married to my wonderful spouse Alicia, and I have a teenaged daughter Grace who attends Nordonia High School.