Jeffrey Swanberg
Illinois Home Inspector License #450.002695, Certified Real Estate Thermographer (CRET)

Whether the property is a “Vintage SFH or Condo” from the 1880s, brand “New Construction” or a property constructed anywhere in-between, each property inspected has a story to tell!  With 16+ years of experience in providing over 7,000 quality home inspections, and having the keen eyes needed to inform buyers about the story of their prospective property.

Firmly believing there is much more to an inspection than simply being able to tell the story of what is deficient with the property. Being able to determine the quality of the build/property and most importantly educating/teaching the buyer in simple common language about how systems operate, how to use and maintain the key mechanical items, the location of shut offs if needed and providing the buyer with the critical information necessary, so that they can make a more educated and better decision of how to best move forward with their potential purchase.

This has proven to be a successful formula for me throughout my career and the multitude of clients I've had the pleasure to work with over the years. 

No matter what type of home, age or where it is located in the Chicagoland area, I look forward to reading the story of your potential new property, sharing that knowledge and providing an “above and beyond” quality type of inspection for you!