As a lifelong aspiring Professional Bass Fisherman, I have had to finance my habit somehow.  So, I owned a restaurant in Illinois for quite a few years.  I worked in Colorado for even longer, overseeing multiple Corporate QSR locations.  After that, I dabbled in Commercial Landscaping for a couple of years.

All the while, I continue to pursue a little green fish that evades me at every turn.  But I press on.

I combined all of my life experiences, from inspecting restaurants, consulting business owners, and managing the landscape of million dollar properties, to create a company helping home owners.

Now, even though I haven't gotten much better at the fishing,  I have picked up on a few other things along the way.  So, I'm here to help.  Buying and/or selling a home is already a stressful life-changing event, whether it's your first time or not.  

No house is perfect, not even a brand new one.  There are going to be issues.  Most people are honest, and they actually may have no idea of a potential major issue with their house.  Let me help identify these.  Then, you can make a better informed decision.  And if you find yourself more at peace, knowing more about your house, I gladly accept tips... on how to catch a stinkin' largemouth bass.