A certified home inspection is a thorough analysis of all major systems including structures of the home. Having a certified home inspector, inspecting all the accessible components of a home can make a big difference when buying or selling. We have integrated the use of technologies into our home inspection process, to help us inspect even the home areas we are directly unable to get access to. We will do our very best every time to complete the home inspection, helping home buyers and home sellers understand any, if not all of the potential deficiencies in the house. 

Our certified home inspectors will use state-of-the-art equipment to complete all home inspections, if needed, but not limited to; Infrared cameras, inspection drones, moisture meters, digital cameras, and temperature sensors. With more value coming soon, which will offer 3D Scanning and AI autonomous roof inspections. 

Your certified home inspection report will not only include images, but also a detailed description of the defects discovered by the certified home inspector. We will also include the notes about the positive attributes of the certified home inspection, so you will know all of the pros and cons, helping you make the correct educated decisions needed when buying or selling your home.