Stephen Godfrey

SC RBI. 49568

Meet Stephen

I am excited to be a part of the Pro-Tech Inspections team and have enjoyed getting to know many of the Realtors and clients that make this work so rewarding.

I am a Lieutenant with the Simpsonville Fire Department and have been in the fire service for nearly 20 years. Working as a home inspector and firefighter, gives me a unique perspective into residential construction. As a firefighter I have to not only understand fire science and behavior, but I also have to know how home’s are built in order to understand the fire’s behavior.

My construction experience began nearly 20 years ago also. My Dad worked in and built commercial buildings his entire life prior to retirement. I began working with my Dad as a kid and continued throughout much of my adult life. I worked my way from the ground up to estimator.  This experience has given me the opportunity to work in several capacities which provides a great background on how buildings are built in general, making it easy for me to immediately know when something isn’t quite right or clearly done incorrectly.

The most important things I learned during this time was talking to people, and project/time management. Learning how to talk with people during difficult life events and emergencies, has prepared me to understand the Client’s emotional process when buying a home. To me, being able to communicate problems in a calm and clear way, is very important not only to make sure I am doing my job to the best of my ability, but also to make sure I am taking care of the people trusting us during this important step in their lives.

Knowing how to manage each inspection and my time gives me the ability to make sure I provide a timely report that is clear, concise, and factual. Time is also the most important thing I can give someone, using my time wisely during the inspection allows me to provide a better client experience by making myself available to spend time with them at the end of the inspection.

These opportunities have taught me to be honest, loyal, a team player, and problem solver. 

My greatest accomplishment is being a Father. I have a son who definitely keeps me on my toes.