There are home inspectors, and then there are Certified Inspection Experts.

For anyone in the process of buying a home, a home inspection from a certified expert is essential.  Only one in eight home inspectors nationwide carries the certification of Certified Home Inspection Expert. With Tri-County, your Certified Inspection Expert has been not only certified by the State of Wisconsin, but also by a third party to ensure he or she meets and exceeds the requirements for training, reporting, and customer service.

Tri County Home Inspection, LLC is the premier home inspection company in Waukesha, Jefferson and Walworth counties in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Give one of our local offices a call today to protect your investment:

  • Waukesha: 262-225-9668
  • Janesville & Madison: 608-531-1441
  • Milwaukee: 414-433-4983
  • Eau Claire: 715-861-1247
  • Areas throughout Southeastern Wisconsin: 262-225-9668

No one wants a home inspection horror story. With over a decade of experience across thousands of inspections, we will help prevent them. Tri County Home Inspection only staffs Certified Inspection Experts, providing top quality service to every client.