Zoom was founded by longtime Washington State resident, Brian McDowell. Brian’s expertise includes over 35 years in the contractor and home inspection businesses, serving over 2,500 happy clients.

Over the years, he has trained others in the inspection world, helped grow businesses, and covered all facets of building construction. From turn-of-the-century vintage homes to new homes with modern construction, he’s seen it all.

Brian’s passion for client delight, clear communication and his knack for zooming in on the details, led him to launch Zoom. The home inspection process – scheduling, inspecting, waiting for the report – often causes delays in the home buying process. Brian set out to minimize the wait to get home buyers the answers they need quickly without compromising inspection quality.

So Zoom was born–the place to go for home inspections, quick and complete.

When Brian isn’t on a rooftop or crouching in a crawlspace, he can be found high on a mountaintop, hiking, skiing or just enjoying the natural beauty of the Northwest with his wife, Debra and his two daughters, Cassidy and Victoria.