Repair Request List

1234 Main Street
04/06/2022 1:51 pm

Replacement Requested.

3.11.1 - Exterior: Doorbell
Doorbell Button Cracked

I observed cracked doorbell button. Recommend replacement.

Contact a handyman or DIY project

Replacement Requested by qualifed and licensed window professional or general contractor.

6.2.2 - Doors, Windows & Interior: Windows
Window Not Secure
Safety Concern

Top window pane seal is broken. Pane moves when touched and there is rubbing against bottom pane when opening. Recommend qualified professional to repair or replace.


Rear of house

Contact a qualified window repair/installation contractor.

Left window in living space adjacent to kitchen on rear of house

$600 credit requested

Credit requested for further evaluation and repair.

7.2.1 - Bathrooms: Sinks, Tubs & Showers
Damaged Caulk in Shower
Safety Concern

I observed damaged/separated caulk and in the bathroom shower. Windowsill has curved and pulled away from tile leaving gap in caulk. This could allow moisture to get behind tiles. Recommend further evaluation and repair from a qualified professional.


Bathroom 1 - Front left of house

Contact a qualified general contractor.

$400 credit requested

Credit requested for evaluation and correction by plumber.

7.2.2 - Bathrooms: Sinks, Tubs & Showers
Reduced Water Pressure

I observed the water pressure in Bathroom 2 (left rear of home), the pressure was low with both faucet handles to the full open position. The shower also had low water pressure and was spraying outside of the shower door. In need of correction. 


Bathroom 2

Contact a qualified professional.

Replacement Requested.

9.3.1 - Cooling: Condensate
Coolant Line Insulation Worn

I observed the insluation around the coolant line is aged and deteriorated. Recommend replacement by qualified professional.


Exterior - left side of house

Contact a qualified professional.

Total credit requested