Sample Reports

GGHI Home Inspection Report
Condo Inspection Report
Roof Inspection
Multi-Family Inspection Report (Renovated)
Multi-Family Inspection Report (Deferred Maintenance)
General Home Inspection + Roof
Roof Inspection for Multi-Family Complex
Condo Inspection Report (Downtown San Francisco)
Estate Planning Home Inspection
Luxury Condominium Inspection (5000 sq. ft.)
Condo Report (Minor Maintenance Issues)
Miraloma, San Francisco - Home Inspection
Multi-Family Report - Minor Repairs and Deferred Maintenance Neeeded
Roof Inspection Report - San Francisco Victorian - Gabled Roof
General + Roof Inspection (Extreme Deferred Maintenance)
Large Multi-Unit Inspection
Large Multi-Unit Inspection (individual unit report)
Preservation Inspection - Year Built 1894
SFH - Extreme Deferred Maintenance
New Construction Inspection - Orinda, CA
Victorian Deferred Maintenance
Large Custom Built Home with Deferred Maintenance
Home Inspection Report (Deferred Maintenance)
Commercial Building Inspection - Oakland
Commercial Inspection Report
Condo Inspection Report
General Home Inspection Report - Typical Findings
Mission Bay Condo Home Inspection
Southbay - Deferred Maintenance
Luxury Home Inspections $10mm+
Mixed-Use Property Sample Report
HOA Inspection Sample Report
Large Multi-Family Inspection (30 Units) 1:2
Large Multi-Family Inspection (30 Units) 2:2
Beautiful Miraloma Home Inspection
Multi-Family Inspection (60 Units)
Large Multi-Family (Roof, Exterior, Different Buildings & Units
Mission Bay Condo Inspection Report
Roof Inspection Report
Commercial Property Inspection Report
Home Inspection - Glen Park, San Francisco, CA