Hi, I’m Dan Evans, owner and Chief Inspector of The Best Property Inspections LLC.  I don't like tootin' my own horn, so let me just say that I've been inspecting aspects of buildings since Sept 1997, and more importantly, I love what I do!

There are many aspects to a building, so we address the safety, reliability, efficiency and comfort of the building. Note the first item. When I perform a Property Inspection, my priority is to inspect that property as if my loved ones will be living or working there. Safety is a primary concern.  That's because my best credentials are: Husband, father, and grandfather.

If possible, I like to include my clients in the inspection process—whether that means walking them through the findings in person or communicating at length about the inspection report via telephone.

Nothing satisfies me more than knowing I helped put a client’s mind at ease when my inspection findings assist them in making a confident and well-informed decision.  

Note that my clients also include sellers.  Sellers inspections (pre-listing inspections) almost always save the seller multiples of the inspection fee.  YES! Very true, in any market. If you are familiar with the stress and anxiety brought about by short inspection periods for both residential and commercial properties, you can easily see why it is so smart to address needed repairs and deferred maintenance well before the property is listed. Services done on an "emergency" basis almost always cost more. And if left as an item of negotiation at the time of sale, the buyer will almost always choose the top dollar amount in a cost range for a repair, so they don't get "stung" by a repair cost. Smart sellers always get a pre-listing inspection. Even if they do not intend to fix everything we find during the inspection, they are at least prepared to address everything we find.

I really like it when I am referred to as "that new inspector."  I feel young again!  Seriously, I am not "new" and not even new to this area. I've been inspecting residential and light commercial buildings in the Tucson/SE AZ region since 2016. 

About the name we chose for our company: The Best Property Inspections LLC.   We chose that because it's what we strive for.  "Every day, in every way, we strive to be The Best"(C) Inspection Company.  It's our goal. And as one potential employee stated: Heck yea! Everyone wants to be on The Best team!  That really is our goal, so of course in addition to reviews and recommendations, we also solicit critical feedback.  If there is ever a way we can improve, I want to hear it.

Lastly, as a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, I know personally of the sacrifices made by service men and women and their families.  If you are on Active Duty, a Veteran, or a Gold Star family, we cannot thank you enough. It's only a token, but look for the military discount in the pricing section. 



Certified Master Inspector®

Certified Commercial Property Inspector® . CCPIA-000522 

InterNACHI Certified Sewer Scope Inspector

InterNACHI Cert Prof Inspector #15082422

AZ HI Cert #62054

CRT-Certified Residential Thermographer